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Context vs Hooks ({experiment})

Recently I came with an idea to change the app flow I am working on, is not a big application, so I'm using context to wrap my components routes in other to share some data and states across components...

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Your next React Modal with your own "useModal" Hook & Context API.

Hi there everyone, this is a quick review about how to use Modals  Components in your React project combining Hooks, Context and Portals.  You need to have some experience coding with React, and be aware of  React's latest updates like Hooks and Context API. Let's do it...

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Use React Context as a Custom Hook

React Context is simply great, its mas have some downfalls (performance related to components unnecessary re-renders), but overall is amazing,  let create a simple context to start...

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CSS Training

CSS is a very, very important part of APP development, but if you only write CSS for the APPs you build (like you probably do), it may happen you end it up forgetting some CSS "useful" tricks and combinations. So how can you become better at writing CSS?

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