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Sendtinel App

Sendtinel is a Shopify App, that allows visitors to create back to stock and rebate alerts on any product variant.

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Covid-19 Map Dashboard

World map showing real time data of COVID-19 Pandemic around the world

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React Rainbow

React Rainbow is an open source project and a React Native Components Library, ready to use. I'm one of the collaborators.

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This is an ongoing project to manage and control real state properties the easiest way possible.

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90 Miles Agency

I co-founded 90 Miles some time ago, it is a single page landing page, with cute hand-made transition between pages

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Covid-19 Fast Chart Widget

Open-source project, showing real-time data, globally, per country and per state about Covid-19 Pandemic.

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A4Martin is a Miami, FL based printing company, they are specialized on fabric and paper printing, mostly t-shirts, for adults, kids, and special events

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Camera (pure CSS)

Photo camera build out using purely CSS, this is a great exercise to mastering CSS and remember that almost anything can be built it out of code.

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